What Exactly Do You Mean by “Every Day”

It doesn’t matter where I speak internationally, when I share that the secret to remarkable success is determining your daily agenda and doing the small things right every day, someone always asks me the question: What do you mean by EVERY DAY?

Here is how the dialogue usually goes:

ME: I have learned that if I get up at the same time every day and invest that early morning time in reading, writing and exercising, I will position myself for remarkable success.

THEM: What do you mean by EVERY DAY?

ME: I mean EVERY day.

THEM: What about the weekends?


THEM: Holidays?

ME: Every DAY

THEM: Your birthday, Christmas, on vacation?

ME: Every Day! Every Day! Every Day!

Why Don’t We Do It?

I have noticed that the only thing I can consistently do EVERY DAY without setting an alarm or having a tracking system in place is to brush my teeth. I’ll bet it is the same for you. Why? Because when you don’t do it there is an immediate and disgusting consequence. If I don’t read, write or exercise there will be a consequence, but it is not immediate and disgusting. It may take months or years for the consequence to get here, but I will not be able to avoid the consequence of not doing my daily agenda.

Make Your Goals Smaller

One of the great learning points for me in this area is to set smaller, almost ridiculous goals for the key things I want to do every day. I got this from a great book called “Mini Habits” by Stephen Guise. (It’s only .99 cents right now on Kindle)

Instead of saying I want to read 1 book a week, I set a goal to read 2-pages a day…EVERY DAY
Instead of saying I wanted to write a chapter for my next book, I set a goal to write 30 words a day…EVERY DAY
Instead of saying I want to work out at the health club for 1.5 hours, 4 days a week…I set a goal to do one pushup a day…EVERY DAY

Why Does It Work?

It works because the biggest problem most of us have is STARTING. I rarely, actually never, do only one pushup or read only 2 pages or write only 30 words. Once I am in the floor or at my desk or get out the book, I always do more. The hard part was getting in the floor, but now that I am here why not do 25 pushups?

My Personal Challenge to You
1. Decide on 2-4 things you could do every day to increase your success
2. Set a mini-goal for each item that you will do every day
3. Do at least the minimum EVERY DAY (no matter how tired you are, how late you stayed up, how early you have to get up tomorrow, how sick you are, etc. Do the minimum EVERY DAY)

I promise that you will begin to see the positive consequences of establishing this discipline in your life…I know I have!

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