Measure Yourself Accordingly

ID-10098169Here we are again, the end of another year. As we head into the holidays and look at a new year about to begin, I like to take a few minutes to evaluate my progress over the past 12 months. Did I accomplish what I had hoped to accomplish this year? Did I take the actions I intended to take? Did I make progress toward the goals I have for myself and my family?

Intention vs. Action

While we judge most people on the actions they take, we often judge ourselves on our intentions. This gives the illusion that we are making progress when in fact, we are sitting still. I have never met a person who achieved success by intending to do something. Successful people actually take the actions required to achieve results.

What’s Your Compare?

Many times we fool ourselves into thinking we are making progress because we compare ourselves to someone else. As long as I am better than you, making more progress than you, score better than you, well then, I am successful. This is not a formula for success. You can always find someone to compare against that will make you feel better about yourself.

The true measure of success is to measure against yourself from yesterday. Are you better today than you were yesterday? Did you learn something new? Did you take an action you said you would take? Did you take a risk and fail? Did you learn from that failure so you are better the next time?
As Jim Rohn once said, “It’s okay to kid your friends, or kid your spouse; you can even kid your kids…but don’t kid yourself.” It is easy to kid ourselves and be content with our intentions instead of our actions.

Intentional Living

If you want to make the next year your best year ever, I highly recommend reading Dr. John C. Maxwell’s book, “Intentional Living”. If you decided to do even just one intentional act every day you would see changes in your results over time. It’s easy to develop a reactive life where all you do is move from one crisis to the next, from one circumstance to the next. Instead, try being intentional in how you live your life and watch how your results begin to change.

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