Looking Back to Move Forward

4 Questions for Growth

2015 to 2016It’s been said that experience is the best teacher, but that’s really not true; Evaluated experience is the best teacher. When you take a moment to reflect on your experience you can turn the average experience into a major growth opportunity. After all, life is about growing and learning!

The Growth Approach – 4 Steps to a GREAT START

Here is a simple approach that I have used for years to help myself, my kids and my colleagues to move away from a performance based existence and toward growth a based existence. I figure if you are growing and learning your performance will take care of itself.

Take one hour between now and the end of day on January 1 to do an evaluation of the past year and see where you have opportunities to grow in the coming year. Here is the model I use.

Step 1: (15 minutes)
Answer the question “What was the best thing that you accomplished last year?”

What are you most proud of that you were able to accomplish? What were your best decisions? Where did you see the best and most positive results? Take a moment to write it down and enjoy your success.

Step 2: (15 minutes)
Answer the question “What was the worst thing that happened to you in the previous year?”
Where did you fail or come up short? What was your greatest disappointment? What were some poor choices you made? Take a minute to write it down and perhaps jot a couple of reasons why you think it happened this way.

Step 3: (15 minutes)
Answer the question “What did you learn about yourself in the previous year that you may not have known before?”
This might come from your answers to questions #1 and #2 above. What did you notice about yourself in your victories and (especially) in your losses? What did you learn from the actions you took or maybe the actions you didn’t take?

Step 4: (15 minutes)
Answer the question “What will you do differently in the coming year based on what you learned from your evaluation of the past year?”
What goal will you need to set? What attitude will you need to adapt? What actions will you need to take? What skill will you need to learn?

Intention or Action?

No one ever succeeded on the things they intended to do, you actually have to take action. Many of us get to the end of a year and find ourselves with a longer list of “intentions” than “actions”. Why not make the coming year the year of small, meaningful actions that you will do consistently over time to drive the remarkable results you desire.

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