When Did This Become a Turnkey World?

5 Tips For Avoiding Turnkey Thinking

turn keyI like to watch home buying and home fix-it shows on HGTV. I admit it, I’m hooked. One thing I have noticed over the past year or so is the number of people pursuing their first home who refuse to even consider a house that needs a little work. They look at the realtor, and with a straight face explain all the features they want and it has to be move in ready. Most of these folks are young and have a small budget, but they want it to be turnkey. No projects. No fixer upper. No changing a paint color. No replacing a light fixture. They want it nice and they want it now.

Life Doesn’t Work That Way

Fortunately, most of the hosts for these shows do a good job of politely informing these people that they can either adjust their thinking or adjust their budget, upward…significantly. In my work as a professional speaker and coach I have noticed that this desire to have it all without the work is not just restricted to real estate.

You Have to do the Work

In order for you to find real success in your life endeavors you need to avoid turnkey thinking. I noticed this in myself when I woke up to the fact that I needed to lose weight and get back in shape. I decided that tracking my activity would be a good place to start so I bought a Fitbit. After weeks of wearing my new Fitbit I had not lost a single pound. While I wanted a turnkey solution of “wear Fitbit=lose weight”, they only way to make it work was to do the work.

5 Tips For Avoiding Turnkey-itis

1. Establish your “why” – if you don’t have a clear understanding of why you want to accomplish something, you will give up when the going gets tough. You will give up what you say you want most for what you want now.

2. Recognize that anything worth having requires work – working for something, weight loss or a new house, is what makes it worth having. Painting the walls or doing the exercise is what makes it yours.

3. Exchange good intentions for intentional living – it’s easy to say we will do something and then never take the steps to actually do it. Being intentional says I will set a time and a place to take the actions that are needed to accomplish my goal. No one ever achieved success on what they intended to do.

4. Establish a mini habit to ensure you do something every day – success is almost never a one shot thing, it requires daily consistency to achieve the goal. Determine a small daily habit that you could do to ensure you stay on course. It could be tracking your calories or your steps. The key is consistency.

5. Make your bed – making your bed every day, whether at home or in a hotel is one of the best reminders I have found to do the things that need to be done even if no one else knows. The truth is that you know and if you are not willing to do that small daily task that takes only 45 seconds or so, what else are you not doing?

Our fast paced, device consumed, over committed culture is telling us that we don’t need to do the hard work of growth and success. This culture would lead you to believe that you can have everything you want in a turnkey, easy to operate, no work required package. Let me assure you that that is not true. You have to do the work and you will be better off when you do.

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