Two Years Ago Today

I open my Facebook page recently to see a photo with the caption, “Two Years Ago Today”. How can that be? Then I turn on the news and hear the anchor say, “Today is the one year anniversary of ….” No way! It can’t possibly have been that long since that happened. As the SNL skit likes to say, “WAY”!

Time Is Passing

The overriding message in these “No Way” reminders of past events is that time continues to move forward. While it may only feel like a few months to me, another year has flown by. And if I could be really honest with you, I often think of the things I “intended” do over the past year that still remain undone.

“The little things we do or fail to do often speak louder than the loudest statements of our intentions.” —Thomas J Watson, Jr

In those two years since that Facebook picture was posted, how much progress did you make on
…weight loss
…exercise program
…writing that book
…reading that book
…starting that blog
…starting that business
…you name it _________

Here’s what I’m thinking, since the time is going to pass whether I take action or not, why don’t I just take action? That way, when the inevitable Facebook or TimeHop reminder pops up I can reflect on my progress instead of my regrets.

5 Thoughts to Consider:

1. Today matters: While today may seem like only a small thing in the scheme of your life, it in fact is EVERYTHING! What you do today will determine where you are tomorrow. Choose wisely how you invest today and tomorrow you will reap the rewards.

2. Choices have consequences: The oldest rule of success is that you reap what you sow. Your choices are how you sow. Make good choices. My biggest learning in this area is that when I say “yes” to one thing I have said “no” to something else.

3. Develop Mini Habits
Stop trying to hit the home run and instead focus on getting lots of base hits every day. Develop small daily habits to move slowly toward your goals. The secret is “every day”. My biggest learning here is the power of consistency.

4. Every Day
Be consistent with your daily habits and in time you will achieve your goal. Want to lose that weight? Eat right and exercise every day. Want to write that book? Write 500 to 1500 words every day. I often ask my audiences if anyone has trouble flossing their teeth every day. Almost 100% say they do. But when I ask if anyone has trouble remembering to brush their teeth every day I never see a hand. Why? The consequences for not brushing are immediate, it’s gross. The consequences for not flossing won’t appear until 30 years from now. Don’t let delayed consequences derail your commitment to do your key disciplines DAILY.

5. Be Intentional: Stop letting life just happen to you. Stop reacting to what comes your way. Instead, become proactive or intentional in deciding what you will allow to consume your focus. This is my 2016 goal: Be intentional!

The time is going to pass whether you take action or not. I never met anyone who found success on what they intended to do. They found success on what they DID.

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