I Need to Have My Backside Kicked!

ID-10041058One of my coaching clients greeted me with a text message recently that read simply, “I need to have my butt kicked!” When I responded that all of us feel that way from time to time he shot back, “Seriously, I need kick in the butt ideas, GO!”

Idea #1

I knew he wasn’t going to like this, but here we go, Idea #1:

My Return text: “It’s no one’s job to kick your backside but you! Waiting for someone else to motivate you to do the things you know you should do is called, “making excuses”.

I quickly continued my text message so as not to lose a client, “I recognize this because it defined my life for over 20 years. Good intentions, no motivation or at least no sustained motivation, stop doing the things I know I should do, and wait for someone to kick me to get me started again.”

I waited nervously for his reply….then it came…”Thank you, I needed that! You are right, I am looking for some outside force when I know what I really need is to lead myself.”


Idea #2

Since I had opened the gate I decided to pile on idea number two.

Idea #2: “Decide what you want your outcome to be, set small goals to get there, dream big, start small, act now, do it daily.”

Facing the Truth

My client was just verbalizing the things we ALL DEAL WITH. I have never met a person who was trying to accomplish something that didn’t have good intentions. I’m going to do this…I going to do that…but they don’t get around to doing them.

The truth is that we often develop our good intentions and then develop BIG plans to execute on those intentions. The problem is that BIG plans can be difficult to execute over time. What I find that works is to break your BIG plan into small parts and execute on small, daily (big word) things, consistently (bigger word), over time. Oh yeah, and track what matters!

What Gets in the Way

My client confessed that he let emotion get in the way of making good choices. I find this to be a common challenge. How I “feel” governs how I “choose”. The answer to this is to know your “why”. Why do you want what you want? For example, I have struggled for years trying to eat right and exercise to get in shape. My “Why” was because I wanted to look fit. While that sounds nice, it does not always hold up under the emotion generated by my daily challenges.  A stronger “Why? Is that I want to dance with my granddaughter Grayson at her wedding. Now, I can look at an Oreo and tell it to get lost!

Lead Yourself

Know what you want to accomplish and know why you want to accomplish it and you will be able to fend off most of the challenges you face.  Small steps done daily lead to compounding positive results. Avoid the complacency that success breeds by focusing on what you want most instead of what you want now.

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