Are You a Flash, or Will You Last?

I was reading Ryan Holiday’s great book, Ego is the Enemy, and saw this phrase about flash or last. It occurred to me that so much of thinking about success today is about what BIG thing I can do to get the win. That’s the flash.

As an aside, I highly recommend the book, Ego is the Enemy. I told a friend he should get it (only $1.99 right now on Kindle) and he said, “What are you trying to tell me??” The way Ryan presents the topic makes it for everyone…whether you think ego is a problem or not. Ego can keep you from leading with purpose if you are not careful.

What Leads to Lasting Success?

I have been guilty of swinging for the fences hoping to get the home run (big win), but for every home run there were many, many strikeouts (failures, setbacks, etc.). What I have learned is that if I focus on the small, seemingly insignificant daily tasks that lead to where I want to go, I will find more sustainable success. That’s what lasts.

I notice in my coaching work that many people struggle with doing what is required today in order to be prepared for tomorrow. They tend to wait until the last minute to do the things and then swing for the fences. John Maxwell, in his book Today Matters, speaks of a question you should be asking yourself, are you preparing or repairing? Are the things you are doing today “preparing” you for what is next, or are you “repairing” from what you should have done yesterday but didn’t?

Flashing or Lasting

If you want to last for the long run and be more than a flash, then consider these ideas:

  • People who flash, do not have a clear view of what they want to accomplish.
  • People who last, know what they are aiming for and do the important things today that lead to that outcome.
  • People who flash, don’t know the importance of today.
  • People who last, know that today matters. Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is not promised.
  • People who flash, wait until the opportunity appears to begin preparing.
  • People who last, prepare knowing that one day their opportunity will appear.
  • People who flash, let the day run them, always making excuses for why they didn’t do what they needed to do.
  • People who last, run the day, scheduling their most important tasks early.
  • People who flash, react to the circumstances and adjust their path based on feelings.
  • People who last, are proactive and live each day intentionally.

Be intentional, be clear about where you are going, determine daily steps to get there and then EXECUTE those daily steps EVERY DAY.

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